Saturday, 8 March 2008


Since last night Reilly has been screaming, very high pitched and banging his head and pulling his ear on the right, we've been giving him calpol and calprofen but this evening it was getting worse, so I rang the emergency Dr's (I hate going there) and got him seen, after waiting for an age, with him screaming on and off, we went in, Reilly wouldn't let him examine his right ear properly, so the Dr looked in his left one, checked temp and chest and throat and pronounced him to be full of cold, looked at me like some over-protective first time Mum and told me to put him in a steamy room Saying he'd have a temperature if there was an infection anywhere (erm he's on calpol and calprofen!!!!) How can he say that there's nothing wrong with an ear that he couldn't get near???????? I'm fuming, and to top it all off the bl**dy car park pay machine's in our car park (emergency Dr's is at the hospital) wouldn't take notes, so I had to trapse accross to the main car park in the dark with a baby on my own to use the machine in there and had to stop off for more calpol on the way home, I swear he's getting addicted to the stuff, he points to the medicine cupboard and says "more, more" then throws a tantrum when I say no!!!!!!

Layla's had a good week though, apart from yesterday, she's been running about just like normal, only a few mentions of aches and pains, but not much, then Friday (yesterday) she was very lethargic again and complained of headaches and tummy aches again, but they didn't last long and I sent her to nursery, she seemed ok in the evening too, apart from the fact that she apears to have stopped eating dinners!!!

Childminding this week, has been ok, the lo I have in the daytime is just interested in playing with the toys, there aren't many at their house and we have so many, must be like Christmas all the time lol, so I do colour, and shape work whilst we play on the floor, occasionally we do colouring, but that never lasts for more than a couple of minutes. My after school child is just interested in playing when we get home, and that is what their parents want her to do, they have asked me not to do any homework, or reading and to just let them relax and unwind, not sure what OFSTED will make of that lol

Right off for a vino to destress


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