Friday, 29 February 2008


Well I'm a week late getting on here (bad Mummy) but there has been such a lot of stuff going on. We had a little children's party for him actually on his Birthday, unfortunately he was feeling under the weather (more on that later!) but I think he enjoyed it and he joined in in his first game of pass the parcel :)

We bought him a wooden trike (without pedals) with trailer, a singing laugh and learn chair, and a jacket and jumper. Craig bought him a ITNG book, Bethany bought him Igglepiggle and Layla bought him some cars for the bath, although we use them on his garage that he got off of his Nanny and Gramps. He also got the ninkynonk, a smaller igglepiggle, and an igglepiggle in his boat, clothes, money, a shape sorter, 2 (different) ITNG DVD's and a pull along dog. So did very well, considering we told everyone not to go mad lol.

For the children's party I bought an ITNG cake, then we had a family party on the Saturday and I made him a lovely round cake with blue and white icing on, then out of icing I made Humphrey!! (that's his comfort toy, it's the baby elephant from Humphrey's corner which is also a blankie and teether) looked fab!! (even if I do say so myself)

I decided to treat him on his Birthday and let him have some Robinson's squash (peach, and then summer fruits) which he loved, unfortuately I think it is this that made his face swell up as I also gave it to him the day after, and it's the only thing he'd had different really. Also a couple of days later he had marmite and green grapes and came out all blotchy, so he now has pirriton and I have to keep a record of what he seems sensitive too, tonight he reacted to our spag bol, I'd forgotten completely about marmite and lobbed some in it (well he's been eating it for months now, but it could have been any number of ingredients) So now I'm going to have to start cooking his dinners separately again, joy!!!!. On top of all that worry he also had an ear infection (hence why he was off colour on his Birthday) and so has been on antibiotics yet again!! and he's not been right again today, so much so that I've gone out and bought a sling to carry him about in more (I can use it for Layla too as she's such a lightweight lol)

Right well I'm exhausted, and I'm off shopping and hopefully to get out nails done too for Mother's Day, tomorrow (I know a day early) then we're having dinner at Mum's so no cooking yey!!!!!!!!!!!!


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