Friday, 15 February 2008

childminding this week and last

Well I've not added much about the childminding in here so far, (well I did, but lost it!!) so here goes.

Last week

We had pancake day and chinese new year.
I made pancakes with the lo I look after while Layla is at nursery (Reilly was fast asleep in bed, bless) It was the first time she'd made or eaten pancakes and really enjoyed making them, got in a bit of a mess with the flour lol and she was unsure of the eggs, but we got there, I thought she'd be well impresesd with my flipping skills, but she walked off to play with the scooter!!! and then didn't like them, still I think it was a good experience for her :) I have 3 school age children that I have for about 45mins after school on a Tue this week and next week whilst their Mum is on a placement, so we had a pancake each for our snack :) and they were thrilled that I flipped their pancakes (YEY!!!) and they loved them too :) Then Craig, Bethany, Layla and Reilly (and Me and DH of course) had pancakes for our dinner. YUMMY

I found some print outs of the different symbols used in China to represent the years and we worked out which year we were born under. We had "2 Dragons, 1 Rabbit, 2 Monkeys, 1 Pig, 3 Horses, and a goat lol and I had printed out the characteristics of each annimal and we agreed that we did have the said characteristics of our annimals (well mostly lol) I explained a bit about how in China they have big street parties to celebrate and fireworks (and that these were invented in China) and that if we were living in China we'd all be off of school or work to celebrate (surprisingly they thought we should move lol) I'd tried to get hold of some fortune cookies but had been unable to, so we just had prawn crackers for our snack, and everyone enjoyed them. Then we did some colouring sheets of the Rat and Dragon (as that was everyone's favourite) I then made a chinese meal for us for dinner (none of the children I mind stay late enough to have dinner) and only Craig appreciated my efforts lol

I also made a sparkly shaker with my younges mindee as she came dressed in silver one day and had loved the one Layla had made at nursery, she was so chuffed and kept walking about shaking it and doing a funky dance lol

This week

Unfortunately either us or the children I mind have been ill most of this week, so Monday I didn't have any (both of them off sick) Tue was a day off (apart from the morining this week as I take the 3 older ones to school, but they just love to play board games of Kim's game in the morinings for the 20mins or so before we leave to get there in time) Wed and Thur, I had to not have my youngest as I had Bethany off with susspected tonsilitis (my older one came anyway on the Thur-Wed is a day off) and I had them both today, and it was a teacher training day for all except Layla, bless her, so we all took her off to lunch club at nursery where she was having her photos taken (hope they wiped her nose and make her look half decent lol) and picked her up again (and we were at the Dr's with her too, see other post!!) Then we made a chocolate cake, yummy, with tonnes of choc icing and sprinkles :)
Bethany and the older child I mind also made up stories and did drawings, aswell as played schools, High School Musical, and did some dancing and singing to songs in the living room. I'm glad it's the weekend!!!

I really hope I can kick this sore throat I've got and pray we get some warmer weather so we can get out to some parks next week :)

Right Reilly's waking up, so I'm off to do the milky run :)

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