Friday, 8 February 2008


I'm a Mum of four absolutely gorgeous children, 2 boys and 2 girls aged 7, 5, 3 and very nearly 1 (how scarily quick has that gone???) My eldest Craig, is in his first year at Juniour School, Bethany is in year 1 at Infants, Layla has just started at Nursery, she shouldn't really have gotten in until September, but they had spaces and she's one of the eldest in the next year and so she got a place, and loves it. I was sooooo relieved as we'd had teething problems at pre-school last year. Then there's Reilly who is unbelievably 1 in two weeks time aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, how on Earth has that happened????

Me, well I'm Vicky and am 31, married to Jim who's 32 and we've been married for nearly 11years now!!! Like I said I'm a Mum to our gorgeous children, and I'm also a childminder. I won't be naming any of the children I mind, or posting their pictures on here as this is more of a personal thing for me, really, but I will be sharing the activities and fun that we get up to one here as a sort of record of what I do as a childminder as I'm going to be starting a course soon (I hope, I signed up a couple of weekends ago, but haven't heard anything yet)

I've not really done anything like this before. I did a pregnancy diary for my last two children online, but nothing kind of ongoing, so I hope I can keep it up!!

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