Friday, 15 February 2008


She's been complaining of a tummy ache on and off for about 2 months now, and I've taken her to see the nurse (hardley ever get to see a Dr at our place) twice first time she wasn't sure, ordered urine sample (came back clear), second time thought it might be her glands. Anyhoo, was back there with Bethany (though she might have tonsilitis, she does, but not bad enough for anti b's ) asked how long and severe bouts of this gland thing could be for Layla as had had her in incredible pain and being sick on Sun morning with it, and she said I should take her to see the DR, we did this morning (all 6 of us, had the LO I mind with us too lol) and she thinks it's probably migraines of the stomache, although has ordered bloods to be taken (given me magic cream though ) to rule out anything more sinister and apparantly they don't order bloods in LO's unless they're worried as it stresses them out too much aslo cheking for anemia as she gets sooo tired at times. I've been given a anti spasm med for her (which she hates, so that's going to be fun ) and travell sickness tabs to stop the nausea (she like these though )
So now I'm not sure how I should be feeling Also she has an incedibly sore throat (I'm a horrid Mummy, just assumed it would be linked to the cold she has at the mo, but she has a nasty red raw patch, with the Dr showed me and told me to keep a close eye on and bring her back ASAP if it doesn't clear up by begining to middle of next week!!!!!)
But at least she hadn't lost any weight, she's put on 1lb since begining of Dec
So now I'm all over the place, I stopped myself asking what else they were testing for (althoug she's only ordered a full blood count, she said it would rule out a few other things?) as I knew I'd be off on an internet search the minute I got home if I knew, think it best to wait and see for definate if there is anything the matter before I go scaring myself silly

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