Saturday, 9 February 2008

Just a quickie

Just a quick one tonight :)
I typed out a long essay last night, but it seems to have vanished (phew I hear you cry) I've had a glass of wine and am far too tired to repeat it all tonight, so will do it again another time. Just wanted to say that after waking up feeling down the day turned out alright in the end. I made J go out with all of the children to B&Q and then the pet shop whilst I tidied up our house, how on Earth it had gotten sooooo messy after I'd been tidying all week, I'll never know, but it's a little better now, guess it'll never be a showhome, but I can dream. I had Robbie blasting out and all the windows open as it was such a beautiful day, then phoned my Mum and we went out for a coffee, no-where posh, just around a local garden centre, then we had a drive and found a country park, had a wonder and another coffee. Just soo lovely to do someting without the children for a change. I know it sounds mean, and I wouldn't be without them for anything, however every now and then I think it does me and therefore them good to get out and be ME again without worrying about things like high chairs/nappies/milk etc. They were all soooo pleased to see me again when I came in, poor Reilly wasn't sure what had happened to me all afternoon I don't think as he wouldn't let me put him down once I re-appeared bless him.

Right, I'm off to bed as I'm pooped, it's deffinately J's turn to get up with them all in the morning

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