Friday, 29 February 2008

Update on Layla

This is an update on what has happened over the last week regarding Layla.

I took her this morning, she didn't know what was going to happen other than we were seeing a nurse and she was going to look at her arm, I told her she had to have her magic cream on which she got upset about, butwhen we got there she played while we waited and was an utter didn't flinch or murmer, and not a tear in sight. I told her afterwards that they'd taken a bit of her blood and that was going to help them find out what was making her tummy hurt, she was fine, and said it hadn't hurt at all. Then we went and got an ice lolly
Just got to wait for the results to come in now

The same night I got a phone call from the Dr's
The blood test results are back (not the full results but enough for them to ring us!!) she's slightly anaemic and has a really low white blood cell count, got to go back tomorrow to repeat just to check

She was a little star again, they dug about in the arm they used yesterday for an age, but couldn't get anything , so tried the other arm and after more digging about, they got the 2 test tubes they needed. She's been off colour today so kept her off of nursery and she's had an afternoon nap again, so I think the blood loss (I know it doesn't seem much) is affecting her she's a bit better now, but that could be the cola bottles and mini eggs lol.

That all happened on Monday and Tuesday, then despite a couple of calls to the Dr's I couldn't fine out any more really, got the results (same as Mon) on Thur and saw my GP this morning
I've been to see my GP, she said that her white blood count is still low, but slightly better that on Monday, and wants to repeat the tests in a fortnights time. I've also got to get another wee sample so they can do a dip stick test to check for blood in her urine, I'm pretty certain that'll be clear though, but typically I'd made her go to the loo just before we went to see the Dr and so she couldn't perform, so that'll be something nice to look forward to this afternoon Her thinking at the moment is that it's a virus of some sort that's caused it all and is hoping that her count will have increased at the next blood test. I've got to take her back if any of her symptoms get worse, she seemed particularly worried about her lack of energy (lying down during her gymtots), and headaches, she gets lots but they don't last long, if they start lasting for longer she wants to refer her to a pedeatrician (same if the bloods come back low again) So I've got to keep a symptom diary, along with Reilly's food diary (at least he seems to be ok now, although not tried him back on any of the suspect foods, nothing else had made him blochy )
So relieved that it seems to be nothing too scary though, bloomin Dr's get you all worried over nothing, if only he hadn't have sounded so worried on Monday eve, we wouldn't have spent the week worrying ourselves silly

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