Wednesday, 13 February 2008

sick, sick, sick

That's what our house hold is this week (and alot of others around here!) Monday I had Craig off of school (although tbh he wasn't as ill as he made out!!) and today (wednesday) I've had Bethany off as she had a sky high temp which started suddenly after school yesterday and I was up all night with her, and Layla, and Reilly (Layla still has a sore tummy, must take her back to the Dr's again to find out what's going on as it's been at least a month now) Reilly was just after milk lol, but Bethany was poorly, her throat is really sore so I'm going to take her to the Dr's tommorrow and check it's not tonsillitis. Poor mites just come downstairs as she hasn't been able to get to sleep because it's getting worse, so I'm going to go now.


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